Naval Warfare coming to Battlefield 4

BF4 teaser 2

EA has released another Battlefield 4 teaser trailer. Their first one was titled “Prepare 4 Battle: Land” this one is a bit longer and is titled “Prepare 4 Battle: Sea”. This time around an underwater propeller is the main focus… a submarine perhaps? We can’t help but notice the reoccurring theme of water in all the leaked (ha leaked… get it?) and official stuff coming out. Likely one for air battles is next. EA is doing a good job building suspense, we for one cannot wait for March 27th when the official unveil is set to happen at GDC.

As pointed out by a commenter below, located on the right side of the aircraft carrier is what appears to be a submerged vessel. Thanks Jon, good eyes!


  • Jon Wolf

    Also in the new released pic from the teaser page you can maybe see a submarine? Check it out, to the right of the boat their is a weird looking oval thing.


      Good eyes!!! I never saw that!

      • Jon Wolf

        Yeah let’s hope it’s a submarine! I could imagine them adding it giving a good depth to the naval battles.