New Battlefield 4 gameplay footage on ultra setting

Brand new gameplay videos have come to light showing Battlefield 4′s ULTRA graphics settings. EA has sent two clips to popular YouTube gamers wintergore and jackfrags. For those of you console gamers, Ultra settings are the highest graphical settings you can play the game with, and that’s what they do their video showcases with Ultra settings.

“This is a new BF4 gameplay clip that EA sent me, Captured in Spectator Mode using a disabled HUD. Recorded very recently at a play session in Los Angeles.”

The video features a QBZ-95 with a green laser sight, flash suppressor and pks 3.4x scope. Don’t be fooled people, this isn’t another Close Quarters map, in the background of the video you see a Blackhawk, or some other transport vehicle flying by. It’s pretty cool thinking that the roof of a skyscraper is a pretty much a whole map from Battlefield 3′s Close Quarters.

Here we see a QBZ-95 with a flash suppressor and a red dot sight and we get to watch some spectator gameplay in Ultra graphics settings.

  • CapZook

    You can cook grenades now! When the guy is under the bridge on the second video, he holds the grenade for a second before throwing!

    • Jed1

      You could always hold the grenades in BF3 if you wanted to.

      • CapZook

        Like the same cooking method that is in COD?

        • ee

          no, rather your grenades timer does not tick, but you can keep holding

          • CapZook

            Oh, I wish the timer would count down, would make tactical nading easier.

  • Cameron

    Minor nitpick: in the first video he is using a russian holo scope, not the PSK 3.4x