New Battlefield 4 Second Assault gameplay footage [Video]

Operation Firstorm

Battlefield 4 executive producer Patrick Bach discusses Second Assault, new vehicles, weapons and fan-favorite maps including Gulf of Oman, Operation Firestorm, Caspian Border and Operation Metro.

Levolution events will be added to these map favorites, with familiar surroundings changing dramatically. The capabilities of the next gen consoles mean that these maps will be treated to graphical enhancements, whilst the Frostbite 3 engine provides an immersive experience. The new BF4 games modes will be available for these maps, with Capture the Flag also making a return from the BF3 End Game expansion pack.

The DLC will also add five new weapons, including the F2000 assault rifle, the MP7 submachine gun, L85 assault rifle, AS VAL carbine, and the RPK-74M machine gun. All maps have been redesigned to incorporate the new Levolution feature: Gulf of Oman map now features a sandstorm and destructible cranes, Caspian Border will have a large destructible communications tower, and Operation Metro will feature a collapsable ceiling with a levolution event that floods parts of the tunnel system. It’s unknown to us, right now, what Operation Firestorm’s levolution event is.

Second Assault will be released as a timed exclusive for Xbox One at the console’s release on November 22.


  • ThunderBeast

    Is the DLC going to be available for 360?