New DICE Community Mission: 50 Million Vehicles Destroyed

After the BF4 Community successfully collected 10 million dog tags over the course of a week, DICE has decided to up the ante. This time, the mission is for players to collectively destroy 50,000,000 vehicles on six days.

If the objective is completed in time, all participating players across all formats will be rewarded with a Gold Battlepack, entitled to their Origin account on February 27.

This community mission is active between February 13, 7AM PST/4PM CET and February 19, 7AM PST/4PM CET.

When the mission has started, you will be able to track the progress of it here on Battlelog under the “Missions” tab. The results will be presented on the Battlefield Blog on February 19. Good luck!

Bring out the rocket launchers, C4, and mines, soldiers. Happy Hunting!

I suggest blasting opera while embarking on this mission, as it clearly makes you good at doing it.