New engine for Battlefield 4?


It has been widely assumed that Battlefield 4 will run on an updated version of Frostbite 2, but as the game is currently being revealed to the Swedish press in Stockholm, it seems that isn’t the case.

Some exciting news is coming out of Sweden right now, including the surprise rumour that BF4 will run on Frostbite 3, a completely brand new version of DICE’s Frostbite engine series. Complete with a better lighting system, new animations, a brand new weather system, as well as a much improved destruction feature that allows buildings to be completely destroyed, it appears DICE are not taking a laid-back approach to BF4.

If this story is true, it may shed some light on Battlefield’s future in development. Game engines take years to produce, and with the game being released only two years after BF3, it seems a section of DICE’s work force have been preparing for this game for many years now. Could this mean that we will see a Battlefield every two years now, along with a new engine?

Of course, this is only a rumour, but a very strong one. Stay tuned for more news on Battlefield 4 over the next few days!