News from Battlefield 4 Producer Daniel Matros

During a live stream with YouTube commentators and Daniel Matros aka zh1nto producer of Battlefield 4, mentioned something of interest:

According the man himself ,within the skyscraper of the map we’ve all seen during the E3, it’s possible to cut the power lines to the elevators denying the enemy this vital and strategic access to the top floor, perhaps forcing them to take the riskier staircase.

Another option we’ve seen is raising the bollards to stop tanks from crossing the bridge, setting off the metal detector and raising and lowering metal window shutters. So what other options will we have in other maps? I personally can not wait to see what else is on offer with these small strategic human operated events.

Also as we may or may not know the skyscraper falling down is not scripted, it takes a conscious effort to bring down structure.

Another nugget of information is that spectators and the commanders are not included in the 64 man limit. In practice this means there are 64 ”boots on the ground” and 2 commanders bringing the total of people actively playing to 66. In the trailer for Commander they did show someone playing in a coffee shop on a tablet, Implying that this can now be played on the move. No longer handcuffed to your gaming systems.

Unfortunately there was no confirmed number on how many spectators can be actively viewing.

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