‘Next Map’ feature confirmed for Battlefield 4

NextMapSince the new Battlelog trailer has been released, community members have been scouring the video for clues of anything else that might be found in it, and someone hit a jackpot yesterday.

Redditor JumboNess posted a screen of the new trailer that would be very easy to miss, but props to him for finding it.

It’s what many Battlefield 3 players have been waiting for, a “Next Map” display on the battlereport at the end of a round.

It would seem that DICE is listening, as many players weren’t happy that this feature wasn’t present in Battlefield 3 , especially since it was in BC2.

As for other things in the screen, some seem to be placeholders. Darklord, a Battlelog producer, said that the “Support Badge” on the right side was. The ranks most likely are as well, as they seem to be the same as BF3, and it is not likely they are keeping the same ranking system.

Full size image cane be found here.


  • Magilla187

    This is amazing i always wanted this to know which map was next now that they have implemented this into the game of BF4, along with all the new features like having an extra map is just the biggest game changer i dont have to stay with my face glued to the mini map instead i have an actual mini map on my ipad mini :)

  • True_BITW

    it just siege of shanghai on rush and not conquest