No Co-op in Battlefield 4 Confirmed.


Karl Magnus, DICE manager, has confirmed the absence of cooperative campaign. Battlefield 3 had a set of missions that 2 players could take on but will not be returning in any fashion. The focus is being shifted into making the game “eSports” friendly, as previously reported. Will the lack of cooperative gameplay matter to you? Are you interested in the single player at all? Or are you fiending for competitive multiplayer?



  • T. Pekkarinen

    Not really, never were into BF3′s coop mode, only played it as long as I got all the unlockables for the multiplayer from.

  • Daniel Ellis

    This just means that an offline mode with other players and bots on MP maps is not going to happen.

    • TheGreyStash

      I don’t think anyone expected that. This means that those separate co-op missions that were in Battlefield 3 will not be returning in Battlefield 4

  • Andrew

    Why do games not have a co-op campaign (offline)anymore. People are becoming so distant from humanity. Bring it back!!! These games were so much better when you could actually sit next to your buddy and enjoy, not only the game but their company also. Online gaming is fun an challenging but offline co-op gaming is something that the gaming world has lost touch with and it needs to at least be an option. Come on!!!

  • BullShooter

    I think it’s kind of a good thing they aren’t gonna give another go at that. To be entirely honest, the battlefield 3 co-op was too short, too easy and too boring. Plus, you have the Co-op SS tags that don’t work for anybody.

  • dickhead_dice

    Dice and BF went to shit long ago when they stopped sandbox style BF2 type gameplay with bots. Thats how COD got so popular. Dice lost their fan base for COD. I did not even bother playing BF3. At least BF2 had something for everyone single player and multiplayer gamers alike. Old ass BF vietnam the first one is better then BF3. Also BF 1943 never came out for pc. That pissed alot of us off. And stop it with the lame poorly scripted COD rip off campaigns and just let people go wild in an open world.

  • dickhead_dice

    …not to mention who flies a helicopter with a mouse and keyboard?! as far as i know the only BF series that had flight stick support was the old skool BF Vietnam. Flying choppers was actually enjoyable in that game. get it together DICE

  • Kakio

    But there are rumors about 5th DLC will be Coop only