No cross-gen saves for Battlefield 4 [UPDATE: DICE exploring idea]

It’s official. If you want to transfer your Battlefield 4 multiplayer progress from your current console to the next gen, you’re out of luck, DICE confirms today.

When asked by a Twitter user “What about if I play BF4 on 360 and then when the Xbox One comes does my rank stay the same?” @Battlefield replied “No. Each platform is treated like a separate career, similar to how it works in Battlefield 3″.

This, with the added knowledge that there will be no cross-gen play either, will come as a major disappointment to fans who are eagerly awaiting the title’s release date in October (US)/November(UK). This will no doubt come as something of a surprise to many players after an announcement by EA in regard to FIFA 14 that confirmed team transfers to next-gen versions.

With this said, all I can do to console the disappointment many of you will be feeling, is direct you to a new battlelog trailer that was released earlier.


The official Battlefield Twitter account has revealed that DICE have been keeping an ear out and are now exploring the idea of allowing cross-gen saves, which will enable players to transfer their careers from their current console to their next-gen.

“We’ve heard reports that players would like their stats and progression to transfer from current to next-gen in #BF4″. They simply said “We’re investigating.”

While this is in no way a confirmation that they will allow cross-gen saves, it is comforting that the hard working people at Digital Illusions CE are listening to their gaming community and will at least make the effort to explore the possibilities.

If they do decide to allow cross-gen saves, many players will be relieved to know that they can start their multiplayer careers early, and then start where they left off when the next-gen consoles are launched. Of course, one cannot ignore that launch day sales will probably increase, as eager players who would have waited for the next-gen release, will now consider getting an early start on their stats.

They also announced that Android and iOS tablets will be receiving a free Commander Mode app, as well as the announcement that there will be Battlefield 4 Premium edition and promised to release more details in a future update.


Although the next-gen consoles are due to be released later in November (Oct for USA), the question on my mind is “Will this prevent players from buying the current-gen version, knowing they will have to start again when they get their next-gen console?” Comment below and let us know!



  • zero523

    Would it be so hard to have a cross platform account that would work on all systems?

  • Sled_Goalie

    What is the hold up on cross platform, isn’t DEFIANCE, cross platform? And I am not thrilled at it not having my multiplayer career transfer to the next console…still will buy it and start my career over..but I am not thrilled (Yeah, that’ll show em)

    • StallionStu

      hahahahahahahhahaha making a stand – like it

  • CmdrVOODOO

    I’m planning on just waiting for the PS4 version if they PS4 releases in November. No need to get both. I can play BF3 in the mean time. The current gen and next gen versions are going to be different enough that there is no point.

    • StallionStu

      or… you could buy splinter cell: blacklist until then because that game drops next month and it looks awesome…

      • CmdrVOODOO

        It’s already pre-ordered. I have two close friends who work at Ubi working on that game. They’d be insulted if I didn’t buy it!

        • StallionStu

          hahaha nice bro – console or pc? is it even released on pc?

          • CmdrVOODOO

            Yes it’s going to be on PC too, but I’m going to get it on PS3. My PC is having graphics driver issues and keeps shutting down mid-game. I’ve given up trying to fix it.

          • StallionStu

            shuts down mid-game… hmmm, could be a number of things from poor cooling to a faulty part, are you sure it’s the GPU? I’ll be getting Blacklist for PS3 but will be such a fricking noob, could do with some help if you have the patience hahaha ‘One-Skin’ is my PS3 user name, add me if you dare

  • Magilla187

    im not even stressed i got the ps3 version & waiting for the PS4 collectors edition to be announced so i can pre order that as well just can’t wait to play and finish building my pc i’ll play it on there as well

    • StallionStu

      i think the collectors edition has been announced already man, you get like 3 ‘gold battle packs?’ and certain in-game unlocks, plus the steel bookcase and a few other things.. thats the exclusive ‘game’ store edition in the uk at least…

      • Michael Archbold

        That’s the GAME exclusive Deluxe Edition. The only Collector’s Edition that has currently been revealed is the XZone (CZ) exclusive to my knowledge, Easy to get them mixed up though, with all the “Exclusive” “Limited”, “Deluxe”, “Collector” editions that get released. Only way I can tell them apart is the price. Collector = 3 figures with stuff that can’t be used in game (cups/caps/statues etc). Limited = high double figures. Deluxe – Regular price + $10/$15 – that’s the general guide I follow. LOL

        • StallionStu

          ohh my bad, i didn’t really know there was a better edition release, thanks man, are the collectors edition worth paying extra for? i personally hate the GAME store, the last 4 titles I’ve pre-ordered with them have shown up 3-7 days after release date – not good, but 1 time they took 4 times the £90 hardened edition order out of my account (£360) and couldn’t pay rent and eventually had to up sticks and move home… and that was the year the game came a week late – that 1 pre-order with them left me no game (for a week), no money to pay rent until i was reimbursed a month later, no internet because i had to cancel due to moving home and essentially NO HOME hahaha – i laugh now but as you can imagine was a difficult period all because of 1 order

          • Michael Archbold

            I guess it’s a preference thing. I personally rarely buy a Collector’s Edition as it usually contains stuff that holds no use in the day to day world but is something geeky to show off to fellow gamers/franchise aficionados. (I.e. SWTOR’s Darth Malgus statue, or COD:MW2′s prestige edition that included a pair of NVGs). When I buy a game, I want the game, not the labelled merchandise that comes with it, but again, that’s just my preference.
            Many people buy them for a profitable resale on Ebay/Amazon too.
            Sorry to hear you went through all that trouble, hope the game was eventually worth it!? Glad it sorted itself out in the end though! :-)

          • StallionStu

            it was CoD:MW3 – sooo not worth the hassle haha yea good info on the collectors edition, guess i won’t be buying that edition just for the, in my opinion, pointless things you get with it… but this battlefield release i think is going to be ground breaking so it could be nice to have those extras but again as you said i only want to play the game…

            Guess i’ll just stick with the edition that comes with premium … do you know if there will be a premium release?

          • Michael Archbold

            There will be a Premium Edition (see this article’s update) but no details have been released of what it will contain. Will keep you posted via the site if I hear anything though. Oh.. and it was definitely MW2 with NVGs (Yep I felt old when I first realised too! LOL). ;-).


          • StallionStu

            nice, cheers fella. Very helpful, quite unexpected on the internet these days without someone ‘fucking my mother’ or me being a ‘faggot’ haha what can i say? why any would want to have sex with a woman nearing her 60′s and sagging in all the wrong places is beyond me.. haha