Obliteration mode now available for Battlefield 4 beta

bf4-obliteration-game-modeDICE has announced that they are including the new Obliteration multiplayer game mode for all beta players on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. In addition to already available Conquest mode, Obliteration will be available for the last 6 days of the beta… which means now – October 15th.

On consoles you need to use the manual server browser to filter for Obliteration game mode. It is not available through Quick Match during the beta.

In this mode, each team has a set of objectives to defend, which the other team is trying to destroy. The catch is that only one bomb is available at a time to destroy an objective, and it spawns at a random spot within a central zone. This sounds to me like some hybrid combination of conquest, rush, and capture the flag.