Obliteration – New Game Mode Revealed For Battlefield 4 [UPDATE: Now with 1080p gameplay video]

bf4-obliteration-game-modeAt the Gamescom 2013 EA press conference, DICE revealed the Obliteration game mode. In this mode, each team has a set of objectives to defend, which the other team is trying to destroy. The catch is that only one bomb is available at a time to destroy an objective, and it spawns at a random spot within a central zone. This sounds to me like some hybrid combination of conquest, rush, and capture the flag.

The multiplayer trailer featuring the new map Paracel Storm, also featured some Obliteration gameplay. This gives us some insight into how the mode will play out. In this screen taken from the trailer, we can see three friendly objectives still active and designated on-screen by little blue “shields”, as well as on the HUD as lit defensible objectives, like we see for flags held in conquest. In this image, we also see an indicator that the enemy has the bomb. On the HUD, we can see that two of the three enemy sites are no longer lit, likely indicating the player’s team (in this case, China) has taken them out. We can also see, much like in capture the flag, the HUD has a countdown clock just above the mini map, indicating this game mode will likely have a maximum time limit, providing a means to end stalemate rounds.

Obliteration HUD

Official Trailer:

[UPDATE] Unedited video of Obliteration gameplay on Paracel Storm taken from gamescom 2013. Be sure to hit that 1080p video button

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  • MrBigMissile

    Do you think the game will have a time limit?

    • http://battlefieldonmymind.blogspot.com/ Heplinger

      Yeah, I think it will. In the multiplayer trailer, you can see a clock just above the mini map. This appears to be a countdown timer, like we have for Capture the Flag in BF3.

      • MrBigMissile

        that seems like a bat idea to me, I think that a huge really long battle beats a short and quick one

        • http://battlefieldonmymind.blogspot.com/ Heplinger

          It is still possible the timer is customizable by the server admin, so perhaps there can still be long back and forth battles. Limiting the default timer to 30 minutes or so is the safer route because many players can become bored of the same map with the same stalemate for an hour or two (not to mention some may not be able to play for that long at once, and would then be penalized for quitting before the round ends).

          • MrBigMissile

            Wise words! I hope its very customisable though!

  • mus1CKFps

    This Game mode looks to be really fun, and quite frankly one of my favorites Can’t wait to play for myself, so far i like the direction DICE is going and also note in the recent Road to BF4 on their blog they said something about taking out the electricity in a building and using your Night Vision goggles to see the enemy that sounds beyond amazing if it is implemented that would be a real game changer on certain maps

    • Arkalis

      Yes, in their Levolution trailer there is a scene where the player shoots a light box and the building blacks out, then he aims and kills with an infrared scope in the new darkness…about goggles there’s nothing at the moment though

  • Dennis Hearn

    there is a serious damage problem at 5:11-5:30 where this guy and a sniper shoot down a windmill ..thats so not realistic and would need serious damage or rpg or missiles to take it down

    • http://www.battlefieldonmymind.com/ Heplinger

      I have some concern about that as well. Not so much from the realism standpoint (Battlefield tries to mix realism with arcade to find a good balance of authenticity and fun), but more from the concern that it is too easy to initiate this large-scale levolution. The Shanghai tower requires significant damage to four separate pillars to fall, but this windmill requires only small arms fire to release the destroyer? I do wonder if they reduced the damage required to increase the frequency of the levolution event for the sake of the demo. Perhaps it will be different in the final build.