Paracel Storm, Obliteration, China Rising mini-teaser


Today at EA’s live Gamescom Press Briefing, DICE showed off two new videos, one about Levolution (more on that later) and one showing off a new map and game mode: “Paracel Storm” and “Obliteration” respectively.

“Paracel Storm” appears to have a multitude of map dynamics inside of it: Naval Warfare, Air Warfare, Intense Street Battles, Intense Naval Street Battle, etc…

Also shown was the new game mode: Obliteration, which while it was not explicitly explained, seems to be centered around the transport of a bomb, since during the trailer you can see on the screen “The bomb has been dropped” and “We have picked up the bomb” Most likely there is one bomb, and it has to be taken to a certain spot, similar to one-flag Capture the Flag.

There is also more exciting footage of levolution dynamics, which can be seen in a change in weather, windmills getting destroyed, and of course, an entire destroyer crashing onto the shore.

Also, be sure to watch until the end, were there is a mini-teaser for the China Rising DLC.

Stay tuned for more news on levolution coming out of today’s news.

  • Tyler Dominick

    where is video?

    • Thomas Deisinger

      Are you not able to see it? It is at the bottom for me

    • Tyler Dominick

      there now, thanks!

  • Aria68

    Crazy shit