Patrick Bach Interview: Netcode, Server Options, High Value Targets, more (Video)

Patrick Bach - diceYoutuber Jackfrags sits down for an interview with DICE Executive Producer Patrick Bach. Netcode Improvements, Dinosaurs, Commander mutiny, High Value Targets, ADS sensitivity, Battlerecorder, eSports, patches, spectator mode, submarines, and new details about the game.

Here are some highlights and the corresponding minute marker:

1:03 Netcode
We’ve done a lot to improve the netcode, but I think it’s important to understand that you can never have a game like Battlefield 4 with perfect netcode. Because of the complexity with the amount of players, vehicles, bullet trajectories, destruction, etc. you can never have a perfect netcode. Too many things can go wrong.

2:25 Commander Mode
The option for players to mutiny will be in Battlefield 4. If the team feels that the commander is not getting the job done, the ability to remove him from his post will be an option.

3:10 eSports DOS & DDOS attacks
No steps are in place today to help against DOS or DDOS attacks.

4:25 High Value Target
The commander can mark someone on the opposing team as a high value target in game.

5:38 Server settings & 6:40 Classic Mode
Customization for admins will be similar to Battlefield 3. An option for “Classic Battlefield Gameplay” will be added that will allow players to play on a server that has “normal” options such as vehicle respawn time and player tickets. In addition, admins can disable the Commander feature in Battlefield 4 if they choose via an option.

7:42 Submarine
A map with a dam was confirmed, however no comment on submarines.

8:25 Most Difficult Feature in BF4 for Coders

9:43 Dynamic Weather
Not available on all maps

10:29 Gamescom build complete?
When asked if the weapon customizations shown at Gamescom were all that we’re going to see in the initial release of Battlefield 4, Mr. Bach stated “In general, I think we had everything turned on“. This is excluding additional weapons and/or attachments that may become available in DLCs.

11:22 BF4 Patching Schedule
Faster updates. Controlled at a server level now.

12:44 Battle Recorder?
No mechanic built into BF4, DICE is passing this ability to 3rd party software the PC user wants to use, or built in software on next-gen consoles.

14:20 What other Levolution weather?
On one map you will actually be able to take down a levee which will flood the map 7 meters” adding that this would essentially make tanks useless in some cases. Car alarms, generators, fire extinguishers will also be dynamic.

15:45 Fresh character dialogue?
Yes“. Most voices have been re-recorded to “up the quality“.

16:41 Dinosaurs?
Dinosaur discussion is a bit interesting [...] but we are focusing on BF4

17:10 Emblems
Player made emblems can be brought into the game and placed on your soldier, gun, or vehicle.

18:25 Mouse Sensitivities
Nothing built into BF4 software

19:30 Geographic Map Locations
No comment other than the China and Russia region

19:55 Assignments
Possible differences between BF3 and BF4 assignments

21:05 Wind affecting gameplay?
No, will not affect helicopters or bullets