PC Error: No contact with EA Online. Please try again later & The Game Statistics Engine is currently down. [Update: 1/1/14 2pm CST: Servers back up]

error no contact with ea online

1/1/14 12:00pm CST

It’s happening again! For those of you lucky enough get into server, stay in as this problem doesn’t appear to be happening to those in game.

Below are the events that happened on 12/29/13

1/1/14 2:00pm CST

Back up. Happy New Year!



12/29/13 1:10pm CST

It seams that a lot of players, including us, are getting the following error when trying to launch a Battlefield 4 PC game: “PC Error: No contact with EA Online. Please try again later” and “The Game Statistics Engine is currently down”. Restarting Origin doesn’t seem to help, nor does a PC reboot.

Are you able to get in a game?



1:23pm CST


1:29pm CST

EA is offering its default answer, “check NAT type and your port forwarding”. For giggles, I went ahead and added the ports mentioned. No luck.

Your NAT Type is either Open, Moderate, or Strict, and controls what other Nat Types you can connect to. An Open NAT Type means you can pretty much connect to anyone but is the least common of the three to have.  A Moderate NAT Type, the most common of the three, means you can only connect to others who are Open or also Moderate, while a Strict NAT Type means you will only be able to connect to others who are Open. 

As you can probably figure out, if you have a Strict NAT Type, you’re probably going to have a bad time, at least when trying to play games online with your friends.  To top it all off, sometimes it’s pretty hard for your games to figure out your type and will connect you incorrectly, sometimes your ISP has a separate NAT Type, and sometimes our servers or your connection might just be down.

However, there are a few steps to take that may improve your NAT Type.

How to change your NAT type to open / port forwarding

1:35pm CST

Is this a reboot or hard crash?


1:56pm CST


2:06pm CST

Here’s some reading material while we wait for the servers to come up.

EA Voted Worst Company in America, Again


2:18pm CST

Getting same error on Battlefield 3 games.


2:20pm CST

Medal of Honor: Warfighter seems to be working ok


2:29pm CST

Servers appear to be back up! Game on. No word from EA what the problem was, we’re just happy its fixed.



3:15pm CST

Servers appear to be DOWN for many… again.

error no contact with ea online


3:30pm CST

Servers are back online for most. Lets hope they stay that way.

  • Ross Aldrich

    relogged into Battlelog okay, but now my rank is back to 00 with -1,000XP and blue bar at bottom of screen still shows me playing in a server :o/

    • BF4Blog.com

      Battlelog shows a few of my friends in game, but the buddy list on the Origin client doesn’t.

      • Ross Aldrich

        Having probs with Origin Client as well.. since the password swipe a few years back I changed my login to require periodic security verification, and have now been waiting for over 30 mins to receive the security code in my email… and it’s not my email server, because I got the notification to this comment thread almost immediately after you made your reply… almost wondering if Origin is doing something.. was playing in a server up till a half hour ago just fine.. no prob until I exited the server… who knows anymore??

      • Ross Aldrich

        also, it appears that BF3 is down as well… so this is appearing to be a bigger problem still..

  • BRWill

    It has been down for a while now – Brazil

  • John Gill

    Server went down again on mobile and web battle log.

    • BF4Blog.com

      I was in game for a good 3 hours (same server). For giggles, I quit and tried to see if I would be able to get back in…. nope. I’m getting the same errors you guys are.

      If you’re able to get in, stay in.

      • John Gill

        Yeah but I dont know if you get the points

      • John Gill

        Looks like it maybe back up but it is saying I am in game and my friends are in game and I know they are not.

        • BF4Blog.com

          I’m able to get in now.

  • dizzy

    i just bought the game 20 mins ago and i already cant play the freaking game! I keep on getting the ERROR really hope they will fix it soon so i can finally play the game

    • Fiero nipote di un partigiano

      welcome to BF4

  • porkleaker

    Fuck EA and DICE. Nothing but problems with this game since launch, incompetent fucking faggots.

  • John Gill

    Its back!

  • John Gill

    Its the same thing again

  • John Gill

    Do not get out of your game battlelog is down.

    • John Gill

      BF3 is also down

  • Robin Bergwall

    I know this is 2 months old, but Im experiencing the same problem as of now :/
    Maan…1st game of the evenening, been looking forward to this today..

    • Robin Bergwall

      oh. seems to be working again. Maybe it was just me