Petition to add bots to Battlefield 4


Interested in signing a petition to EA asking them to add bots to Battlefield 4? As of today, there are 503 supporters. Being that EA is still developing Battlefield 4, this would be a great opportunity to have your voices heard. Unite.

Quote from the petition:

We want the good, old Battlefield times back. Battlefield 3 was a flop for lot of gamers. Many want AI in offline Mod to play on the online maps. There are good reasons: 1) They make multiplayer accessible for persons who don’t play online (yes, many of these people still exist) 2) They allow a player to practice all of the game modes at any time with a full compliment of combatants. 3) They don’t curse, cheat, complain, or leave the match when loosing. 4) They allow for a full game without any lag, slowdown, or dropout. 5) They provide great opponents Vs. teams of humans (once their difficulty is turned up). 6) They cause a game to have infinite replay value…