Phantom Initiate Password and Tutorial for Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth


DICE has included an Easter Egg in their Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth DLC which allows users to complete an assignment called “Phantom Initiate” and unlock a unique camo dubbed Phantom.

To unlock the assignment, you’ll need to do a few steps outside of the game itself. Here are the steps needed to unlock the assignment and the requirements needed to complete it.

You’ll first need to complete the previous two tasks in the “Phantom Program”. Don’t worry about completing the in game portion, just the steps within the “program” window.

Step 1: Complete the Phantom Prospect portion
Step 2: Complete the Phantom Trainee portion

Step 3: Now you are ready for Phantom Initiate.

First off, go to the Leaderboards on your Battlelog and note the tiny phantom icon near the bottom left of the page. Click it and wait for the “PHANTOM PROGRAM” to initialize.


Once the “program” is up and running, it will prompt you for a passcode. Enter 24344241893 and hit enter.


At the ENTER PASSCODE prompt, enter dice pls (note the picture below was taken from exiting the “phantom program” and starting over. IE. Exited and reclicked the phantom icon in step 3 above)


You’re done with this portion, you can track your next task in the ASSIGNMENTS section in Battlelog. Complete the following set of challenges in game and you will be rewarded with the Phantom camo for your weapon and vehicles:

* Get 200 LMG Kills
* Get 50 kills with explosives
* Get 25 roadkills


The video below by LevelCapGaming shows how fast you can unlock the camo