“Phantom Prospect” and “Phantom Program” Assignment and Dog Tag [UPDATE: Megalodon Easter Egg?]

DICE has included an Easter Egg in their Battlefield 4: China Rising DLC which allows users to complete an assignment called “Phantom Prospect” and unlock a unique dog tag. [UPDATE 4/7/14“Phantom Trainee” Assignment and Unlocked Camo added in Naval Strike DLC. View the unlock procedures.]

Naval Strike added . See how to unlock it here]

To unlock the assignment, you’ll need to do a few steps outside of the game itself. Here are the steps needed to unlock the assignment and the requirements needed to complete it.

First off, go to the Leaderboards on your Battlelog and note the tiny phantom icon near the bottom left of the page. Click it and wait for the “PHANTOM PROGRAM” to initialize. Once the “program” is up and running, it will prompt you for a passcode. Enter bumpinthenight and hit enter.


Congratulations, the assignment is now unlocked. Head on back to your assignments page in Battlelog to view the requirements for this assignment. To completed Phantom Prospect, you’ll need to get 200 kills with an Assault Rifle, 200 kills with a Battle Tank, and a 300m headshot to unlock the dog tag.

[UPDATE] What is Phantom Prospect? An interesting theory from JackFrags ties it to a Megalodon (giant shark) Easter Egg on map Paracel Storm.

JackFrags discovered that Phantom Prospect is a book in the Rogue Angel series by author Alex Archer in which the main character must face a megalodon as seen in the synopsis.

Another hint was found in the Battlefield Friends (BFF) launch episode for Battlefield 4. Though BFF is not produced by DICE, on this episode, the creators of BFF and DICE collaborated together in the production. In this episode, the noob claims that there is a megalodon in the water and tells his teammates that they’ll see.

Here’s the icing on the cake: In an interview with Aleksander Grondal, he  mentioned a secret at which players would look and just say, “WTF was that”? He would not reveal what it was or how it was activated, just that there was this massive, crazy secret that would go around activated to get people’s reactions.

Check out the evidence in the video below! What do you think? [UPDATE 4/6/14]  The megalodon search is over. The giant shark was added in Battlefield 4‘s Naval Strike DLC, on the Nansha Strike map.


  • http://www.battlefieldonmymind.com/ Heplinger

    Just a quick FYI to everyone. As of this past week, this did not seem to work properly in Firefox (it would run the “Phantom program”, but you could not input the password. I got it to work just fine in Chrome, however. That may have been fixed by now, though because they can do a lot of no downtime updates to Battlelog.

    • BF4Blog.com

      Yep. The recent Battlelog update (yesterday?) fixed the FireFox issue.

      • Morlok Vux

        do i need premium?

        • Fennster LeFourth


        • Stlucian

          No you can just buy the China Rising DLC alone

          • Otavio

            But the chalenge include: Plays as premium.

          • Stlucian

            Good point I forgot bout that part. I don’t know if it works without it but I have the tag and I’m premium. Don’t want you to buy the dlc and it don’t work.

          • zarathustra2k1

            Premium only…

  • MetalMark

    why does mine say only get a 100 kills with the tank but still has this 0/200

  • Bad x Ronin

    I’ve started the prospect on my PC.
    it said initialized on my xbox one.
    and after a while killing people with the tank and assault rifle I went into my dlc
    assignments and it show 0/200 for both
    What am I doing wrong??
    Any help appreciated…

  • Morgan Jones

    The big easter egg is that you need to do a series of steps which then eventually will lead upto you levolutionizng rouge transmission and in the giant sphere is a massive T-Rex

    • Morgan Jones

      The sphere is actually a T=Rex egg so after the steps it falls and cracks open ad then inside theres a T-rex

  • T-jay Diboll

    If anyone hasn’t seen this yet but if you shoot a free-fire RPG at the wind turbine on fire it gives you a hit marker don’t know if it has part to it but a little hint

    • Klone

      That’s the levolution trigger for Paracel Storm. Hitting the turbine enough causes it to fall and the boat moored to it then crashes into the shore.

  • Dave

    turns out the big easter egg that the dice worker was talking about it a ship at hainan resort which creates a giant explosion

  • ngtzombies is awesome


    • hotnfluffy122


  • Steve’o Sirrell

    So i did some research into the megalodon and i found a book called MEG: A Novel of deep terror. This is the interesting part, on the front cover there is a megalodon killing a T-rex, which we all know is one of the easter eggs. In this story the main character is a diver for the navy and the second time he sees it, it gets caught on the wires between a ship and sub. Still maybe…..

    • Robert Emmett Burns IV

      Actually read that book myself. It’s fairly decent as far as the writing is concerned, and the way they present the Megalodon is interesting to say the least. Not sure if it’s really related to BF4 at all though as it’s been out for some time now, but I suppose it’s possible.

  • sniper

    why does mine say 127/200 with tank and it doesnt go higher even tho im killing people with it iv done the ausult riffle and headshot????????????????????

  • Stephen Vince

    When you land on the back of the shipwreck next to E ., instead of getting an out of zone countdown it goes red and you die. It is certainly different but does it mean anything?

  • xGriff

    What happen if you return to the Phantom program after the assignment is completed? It say stand by for further instructions (Most likely only a “cooler” way of saying that the information how to unlock the assignment is revealed, but has anyone checked it out?)

  • Jordan Hughes

    mine is asking for another password after unlocking Phantom Prospect. anyone else?

    • That One Dude

      I think its for the new “Phantom Trainee” assissment

    • Ryan Munger

      just posted about it too

    • MetalMark

      the password is epic dream worlds

  • Ryan Munger

    I found something interesting. OK SO for the Phantom prospect unlock you need to go to leaderboards and look in the lower left hand corner. clicking on the phantom opens this(pasted below)(only premium though) pass-code bumpinthenight is how you unlock the first then there is a second pass-code that is needed for i guess for a second phase or part 2.now idk what this means but it defiantly is not addressed in other youtube vids or posts about this.

    dracut: Scanning devices sda2 for LVM logical volumes sysvg/root sysvg/swap

    dracut: inactive ‘/dev/sysvg/root’ [28.88 GiB] inherit

    dracut: inactive ‘/dev/sysvg/swap’ [1.00 GiB] inherit

    >>> INITIALIZING PHANTOM PROGRAM << Link[LNKD] -> GSI 11 (level, high) -> IRQ 11

    ENTER PASSCODE> bumpinthenight


    >> Contacting Battlelog permissions authority…

    >> Downloading assignment matrix

    >> Enabling access pattern

    >> Flushing to storage

    >> Assignment unlocked

    Unlock phase 1 completed.

    Unlock phase 2 initiated…

    ata1.01: NODEV after polling detection

    ata1.00: ATA-7: QEMU HARDDISK, 0.12.1, max UDMA/100

    ata1.00: 62914560 sectors, multi 16: LBA48

    ENTER PASSCODE> bumpinthenight



    ENTER PASSCODE> phantomprospect

    Please wait a moment and try again.

  • mat berry

    entered PHANTOMPROSPECT all caps then it said wait a moment try again but nothing any help?

  • redredgreengreen


    Unlock phase 1 completed.

    Unlock phase 2 initiated…

    ata1.01: NODEV after polling detection
    ata1.00: ATA-7: QEMU HARDDISK, 0.12.1, max UDMA/100
    ata1.00: 62914560 sectors, multi 16: LBA48

  • Conor

    got the password for the phase 2 part it’s “epic dream worlds” with the space trust me it works!

    ENTER PASSCODE> epic dream worlds

    >> Contacting Battlelog permissions authority…
    >> Downloading assignment matrix
    >> Enabling access pattern
    >> Flushing to storage
    >> Assignment unlocked

    Unlock phase 2 completed. Welcome to the Phantom Program…
    Stand by for further instructions_

    that’s what happens when you put that code in

  • http://www.fearleague.com pipesandstrings


    Hey guys in here heres the second part to the password and check out how it was found OMG!