Possible Increase in Multiplayer Count Limit in Battlefield 4

Live Stream  Official Site - Google Chrome_2013-06-11_15-18-45Large scale multiplayer matches are already confirmed for Battlefield 4 on PC and next-gen consoles, but the 64 player limit may increase for Battlefield 4. These rumors suggest the player count limit will increase from 64 to 70 overall (not including the two commanders for each team).

The multiplayer demos at E3 revealed Battlefield 4 will feature five man squads instead of the four man squads in Battlefield 3. Therefore, increasing the player limit to 35 for each team will allow for seven full squads. A 32 player team would mean a maximum of six five player squads and a seventh squad only consisting of two players.

How do you guys feel about this possible change? Will a three player increase benefit BF4 in creating more balanced squads and even more firepower, or will the increase along with two commanders make the maps feel two concentrated with players?

  • Arnold Layne

    Not the best way. But I hope that the game becomes more collective and supportive.Visit bf4brasil. com . br

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    What about current gen? Maybe an increase to 30?

  • Phil

    The maps are getting bigger and bigger. That just makes sense.