Pre-Order Battlefield 4 on Amazon for FREE Premium Expansion Pack

Amazon has a great promotion, you can’t miss this deal! pre-order Battlefield 4 on any platform and get a Premium expansion pack free.

“Pre-order and Get a Premium Expansion Pack All pre-orders of Battlefield 4 will get a free Premium Expansion Pack. This will be unveiled closer to the game’s launch this Fall. Offer valid when shipped and sold by Amazon reserves the right to change or terminate this promotion at any time. Code and instructions for redemption will be included in the product packaging. This offer will be extended to all existing pre-orders.

You could pick up this deal, OR you can wait until AMD has the “Never Settle Bundlewhere you can buy certain graphics cards and get Battlefield 4 free with them.

Gamestop is offering $25 off Battlefield 3 Premium edition if you pre-order Battlefield 4.  This is great news for those off you who are new to Battlefield or want to grab all expansion packs for Battlefield 3. You also get a set of real dog tags!

I am going to grab this deal, my graphics card is fairly good, what will you get?

  • Militia

    The title of your post is misleading. If you pre-order, you receive a battlefield premium “map pack”, not a full premium membership. This offer is with many of the pre-orders. It is just like the Back to Karkand expansion with BF3.

    • xtole

      Updated. Thanks

      • Brian Morgan

        Will BF4 be on 360 or new “720″?

      • Brian Morgan

        Playing BF4 with new illuminating device will be freaking sick! You hear me?@atheistmonk:disqus

  • Militia

    No problem. I would hate for people to pre-order thinking that they were getting less than expected. Keep up the good work with the news!

  • atheistmonk

    Cannot frkn wait for it. Er mer gerd!

  • Felipe De Jesus Perez

    can you pro-order battlefield 4 in premium edition