PS4 vs Xbox One – Pre-Order Totals as of June 15th 2013

battlefield-4-box-art-next-genA little more than a week ago, we reported on an Amazon Facebook poll asking potential next gen customers which console they prefer after unveilings by Sony and Microsoft at this year’s E3 in Los Angeles, CA. According to the poll, nearly 18 to 1 of next gen customers were  a little more than displeased with the Xbox One’s anti-consumer stance of restricted region launches, DRM, and 24 hour mandatory check-ins… just to name a few.

It appears as though customers are starting to vote with their wallets. The boys over at have interesting pre-order numbers for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One during the week of E3. “Up until the week ending June 15 the PlayStation 4 currently leads in the total number of pre-orders with about 75,000. The Xbox One is lagging behind with 45,000 pre-orders.

See the full list of top 10 pre-orders on both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One after the break..

Will the Xbox One exclusives be enough to save Microsoft from the disaster at E3?


  • Jed1

    Microsoft dropped the DRM.

  • Peter

    any PC numbers yet?