How fast will you rank? – Battlefield 4 ranking system

boost-item-200_web__smallWith the recent update to Battlelog in preparation for Battlefield 4, all of the symbols and artwork needed for the game have been inputted, and one of those is all of the ranks. I talked about what I thought the ranks would be like in a previous post, and it seems now that they have kept the ranking system very similar to BF3, but there are differences.

The low down:

There are only 100 ranks, and Colonel is the highest, but there are no numbered colonels as in BF3.

I am guessing that it will take more time for each rank, especially compared to the low ranks from BF3 and their counterparts in BF4. The Beta showed us that it did take a significant amount of time to rank up even the lowest levels, with the many ways to score included. Although, there is speculation that those numbers were placeholders, as they wanted to see how fast people ranked up. They most likely have changed it in the final release.

With this, we do not have information on the numbers needed to get each rank. Since it is likely it will be about the same amount of playing time as BF3 to reach the top rank, we can conclude that they will make every rank a little longer to get through.

Another bit of info, to be considered for commander, you have to have reached rank 10, so that may be an important milestone.

DICE has a vested interest in making this formula perfect, as there is a fine line between keeping the game interesting by making rank ups rewarding, but also the longevity of the game, and how they can have people stick around. I am very interested to see how they pull this off.

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  • BullShooter

    Battlefield 3 wasn’t even out for half a year and people already had col 100. I don’t really think making the levels hard(er) as fuck to gain will increase the longevity of the game. Too many people have dat high grade shitbucket.

    • Phobia256

      Do I smell envy? Why care for ranks to begin with, the game is there to entertain you.

      • BullShooter

        I was merely pointing out that making levels harder to achieve isn’t going to stop people from hitting max rank as fast as they can. We all know that a certain group of people are going to bust out the shitbucket and marathon the game for about 2 day intervals (72 hours without sleep WILL kill you) with short break periods for sleep and such when they get off the shitbucket.

        • Phobia256

          So your point is a rank system is trivial? Which I do agree on.

          • BullShooter

            No, my point is that there was no point in removing 50 levels and/or making them harder to achieve. I’m somewhat neutral on the rank system.

        • kibeth

          Sorry, it takes longer to die from “lack of sleep.” I’ve done four days on a drug binge and I didn’t die.

          • BullShooter

            It takes longer to actually die of lack of sleep, but after 72 hours of no sleep your internal organs start deteriorating towards the point of shutting down. I said 72 hours because that starts the process of a slow death you aren’t even aware of, that is easily stopped by allowing yourself sleep.

            Also I hope somebody picks up that phone, because I fucking called it. 5 days. 5 days was all it took for people to hit max rank. Attack Boats being borderline OP and retardedly easy to service star + frequent battlepack xp boosts + double xp weekend (battlepack xp boosts stacked with this) = rank 100 in 30h 40m of gameplay. Dude made a thread about it on the Battlelog forums almost immediately after obtaining the rank, I shit you not.

  • ScreamFace

    I never reached the top rank in BC2. After 400 hours or something over a few years. I am still 48/50.

    I liked that system, where the amount of points just kept getting bigger and bigger. At these higher levels it’s not about rank, you’ve got everything. So why progress through them at super speed?

    • Phobia256

      Even better were the days when there was no rank system in games to feed peoples egos…

  • Aria68

    can’t wait for this bitch on PS4

  • asd