Rumor: Battlefield 4 features greater character customization

Bf4-customizeIn a recent forum post at Evil Avatar, and unsourced commentator says players wil be able to customise their multiplayer character by “choosing among a large number of options, including gender and facial features”.

“According to the above Battlefield 4 ad (full size version here), there will be new customization options that allow players to edit their face and gender, meaning female soldiers will appear in a Battlefield game for the first time. There is also a new “injuries and suppression system” which will probably set off red flags for those who hate Battlefield 3′s suppression.”

No official word, be it confirmation or debunking, from EA about this rumor.

Battlefield 4 is expected on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, with current-gen release scheduled for late October and early November and next-gen to be announced


    Holy crap, an injury system? Like broken bones or bleeding out? DICE PLEASE PUT THIS IN! IT GONNA BE AWEZOME!! XDDDD

  • MorningTimeCloud

    This would be very cool!