Rumor: Battlefield 4 Last Man Standing mode?

battlefield-4-last-man-standingWell well well, what do we have here? Possibly nothing. Possibly a last man standing mode in Battlefield 4? Tweeted by @Battlefield, it appears that they are not ruling out the possibility of a new multiplayer mode that may, or may not, be coming to Battlefield 4.

It’s possible this could be one of the three game modes uncovered from hidden information within the game files in Battlefield Alpha. Elimination mode = Last Man Standing perhaps?

19.888 mp_npx_playground_prefab
10.528 mp_npx_elimination_prefab
32.608 mp_npx_obliteration_prefab

Last man standing (LMS) is a multiplayer deathmatch gameplay mode featured in the majority of the more recent first-person shooter computer games. The aim of a player in a Last man standing match is to dispatch his opponents and remain the sole survivor; the basic rules followed are generally the same of the Deathmatch gametype, with an important difference:respawn is limited or not allowed at all. Each player is assigned a specific number of lives per match (or just one when there is no respawn); once these lives have been expended, the player will no longer be able to return to the current match and remain as an invisible spectator until there is a winner and the LMS round is over. Within several games players are called to buy or pick up items, while other titles have the players spawned with full weapons and ammo and there are no powerups available on the map.

Several different variations of the Last man standing mode exist, with the most common being Team LMS. The rules are the same of the standard LMS and the winning team is the one able to eliminate all the members of the opposing teams and keep at least one of its components alive.

Thanks Marc for the heads up.

  • Mechanos

    Guessing this is what Elimination is.

    Only that instead of a free for all, it’s team based, like any good Battlefield mode.


      Good eye sir. We think so too. Wonder what playground and obliteration could be.

  • MrGuns

    Maybe Playground or Obliteration will be a normal tdm ,with more concentration on destroying the map,not just the normal omg lets rocket this s***,but with a rational reason to destroy things like destroying a enemy base instead of taking a flag or protecting it, which is kinda boring after while .


      Hmm nice thought. Perhaps obliteration will be somehow tied into “Levolution” / dynamic maps?

  • ramo216

    This could be fun. I have never played a LMS game mode before. I could imagine the thrill of having your entire team wiped out, and trying to take out 64/70 enemies. Now that’s an ace I would love to get.

  • Magilla187

    I Have a strong belief that Playground will be a sort of sandbox mode letting people explore the map if that makes sense, and Obliteration will be some type of destruction/TDM so the fact that elimination will be the LMS mode would be amazing BF4 is turning out to be one hell of a game, can’t wait to get the PS4 version

  • Marc “LokiFM” Stikkelman

    It’s my pleasure BF4Blog.

  • BOMM

    I was kind of thinking a perma-death TDM when I saw this, but now that it’s suggested here as a team-based version, like Last Team Standing for Chivalry, that makes a lot more sense. I had also forgotten the “elimination” mode from the Alpha file. I think you all are on to something!