Rumor: Battlefield 4 to support custom emblems / decals on vehicles [Update: Confirmed, guns and soldier too]

bf4-platoon-emblemIn addition to camos, it seems as though players may be able to customize their vehicles with decals and/or emblems from their platoon, according to these screenshots that recently leaked.

Since platoon emblems are user-generated, we’ve taken the liberty of conducting an extensive research to find out what BF4 gamers want visible on the sides of their tanks and helis. After multiple hours of research and 1-on-1 questioning with those that have already pre-ordered, a common theme emerged:

Top 5 suspected vehicle emblems:
1. Boobs
2. Boobs
3. Boobs
4. Penis
5. Boobs

[UPDATE] Patrick Bach confirmed that player made emblems can be brought into the game and placed on your soldier, gun, or vehicle. Fast forward to the 17:10 mark of the video below.

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    More like:
    1. Penis
    2. Penis
    3. Boobs
    4. Patrick star stuck in someones ass
    5. Penis

    • james smith

      I’m going to put TAZ on mine

  • Einsnico

    Or what about..

    1. Boobs
    2. Grumpy cat
    3. Boobs
    4. Chuck Norris
    5. Stan Lee

  • Zachary Smith

    They will all be one of 4 things:
    - Generic skulls or other “bad-ass” things
    - Phallic objects or other lewd imagery
    - Copied army emblems (realism players)
    - Complete mish-mash of entirely random symbols that make no sense

    • Jed

      Cat Memes

    • Emeraldon

      So you’ll be the only one doing something original, which is…..?

      • Zachary Smith

        I never said I was going to do something original
        I’m going to try to make a skull made out of a motherboard if that’s possible.

  • wargamer1969

    Youll see alot of porn images lol. Even cooler if they did animated gifs like jiggling boobs on your sleeve lol.