Rumor: EA to give free Battlefield 4 DLC for game woes

bf4-second-assaultBattlefield 4 has seen an avalanche of issues, some would say failures, since its rocky launch. Plagued with CE-34878-0 errors on the Playstation 4, numerous patches across all platforms, and a class action lawsuit, EA and DICE are in a struggle to make things right.

Their first attempt was a double XP event from November 28th to December 5 dubbed a “player appreciation” event in which DICE hoped that it would  “get back the XP that you may have lost” due to the current issues with Battlefield 4. This news appeared to have backfired on EA/DICE since those that were already Premium members and were promised an exclusive Premium Double XP event that was slated to start on November 30. Adding to that frustration, DICE gave participating players a M1911 pistol scope which most of the BF community saw as a smack in the face.

Rumor has it that EA/DICE is gearing up for a free Battlefield 4 DLC as an apology to gamers. It is still unclear as to which DLC will be offered.

Plenty of people on Reddit are expressing their anger already, “What was the point of buying Premium? Why did I spend $50 on the 4 DLCs when one of them may be given away for free?!“.

More on this story as it develops.

  • Aria68

    i played BF4 on PS3 and PS4 except few times, it never crashed! the game works %95 fine, people should understand that Battlefield is really an enormous game, NO game in the world can even be half as complex as Battlefield is, BF4 became even more complex! i mean all those things we see in the screen are just maybe %50 of the things that are going on, a lot is going on in the network side, Call of duty or other online shooters don’t have such complexity that Battlefield has… Battlefield 4 is a phenomenon piece of software and having bugs and server issues for such game is absolutely natural! all we can hope is that EA allocate more team to DICE so we can see less of this in future!

    • Heplinger

      I agree that bugs are the nature of games, but those in BF4 seem a little excessive. Should they be raked over the coals until they are bloody? No. Personally, I had a lot of trouble running the game during the first month and kinda wish I had skipped the preorder and bought it half price on Black Friday. However, now that it is running better, I love it. I think what we really need at this point is assurance from EA/DICE that they will work for a smoother launch next time (longer beta using retail version, maybe) and continuation of their strong efforts to patch and improve. They are already workin their asses off to make BF4 right.

      Honestly, I doubt the whole free DLC idea. It would be a big middle finger to premium users.

  • Nox

    Knowing how greedy EA is and how they never learn their lessons(BF3 Launch anyone?), I highly doubt this rumor is true.