Rumor: New Battlefield 4 Game Modes Leaked. Gun Master, Tank Superiority, and more

new-bf4-game-modesWith the release of DLCs for Battlefield 3, and so far with Battlefield 4, DICE has introduced new game modes for players to enjoy. Battlefield 4 saw the release of Capture The Flag and Air Superiority with the release of Second Assault and Rising China, respectively.

DICE still has three more DLCs in the works for Battlefield 4 (Naval Strike, Dragon’s Teeth, and Final Stand) which leaves the potential for at least three new game modes or at least three returning game modes for Battlefield 4. It is rumored that DICE intends to bring back some of the classic modes from Battlefield 3, Bad Company 2, and MOH Warfighter along with some new additions.

Researching game source code, a user by the name of Th3- Chronikk at se7ensin of discovered a list of potential game modes that may come to Battlefield 4. As all the information extracted from source code, to be interpreted as a rumor and there is no way of knowing whether the introduction of any of these game modes will happen in the future – even though some of the names do seem likely as Tank Superiority, Gun Master, Squad Rush and Scavenger mode . He writes:

“While Doing some really in dept JavaScript digging trying to find DLC content i have found some game modes that have place holders in the server but are not currently active. All that were not firmware to me are below with my explanation on what i think they are.

6. ”SPORT”

Tank Superiority was introduced in the Armored Kill DLC for Battlefield 3 where the objective is to control a single flag, which was often placed in an open area, using main battle tanks and tank destroyers. To aid in the destruction of the enemy, tank drivers were often Engineers or Recons so they could assist by repairing or laser painting target while not driving.

Gun Master, also introduced in Battlefield 3, is a variant of the gun game that was present in Counter Strike and Call of Duty games where players start with a basic pistol and must score kills to receive better weapons.

Combat Mission, which may be familiar to anyone that has played Metal of Honor: Warfighter, was a game mode that pits the Away team as the attackers and the Home team as the defenders. The attackers are tasked with blowing up three consecutive PETN caches without running out of tickets, while the defenders are tasked with defending the caches and reducing the attackers’ tickets down to zero. The attackers are given 75 tickets to blow up an objective.

Squad Rush was included in multiple Battlefield games. As the game mode name suggests, it’s squad based rush where a map is divided into multiple sections with M-COM stations in each. The objective of rush is for the offensive team to arm and detonate M-COM stations in the current section while the defensive team tries to defend or defuse an active bomb. Once all M-COMs are destroyed, the map advances to the next section.

Scavenger is another game mode that was introduced in Battlefield 3 in the Aftermath DLC. In Scavenger mode, weapons spawn in predetermined locations all over the map, so it pays to learn the map to stand a fighting chance. The particular weapons spawning at these points however have an element of randomness to them, so in order to survive a Scavenger round you will have to explore as much of the map as possible. Sticking together as a team means you might be able to keep enemies from claiming these few and valuable weapons that can turn the tide of a round. In all other respects, Scavenger behaves like a Conquest game. That is, the two teams battle for control over a number of bases and need to bleed their opponent down to zero tickets.

Sport. A lot is not known as to what this game mode will be, though as the name suggests, it probably has something to do with how DICE wanted to get more involved with eSports.

Fire Team Survivor, again to borrow from Metal of Honor: Warfighter, is a game mode that focused around a buddy system where your squad was simply two players. The idea was that you worked together in tandem to eliminate the enemy team. This game mode description and how it pertains to BF4 is purely speculation, Battlefield 4′s FTS game mode might be completely different.

Onslaught was introduced in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 where up to 4 players can team up against enemy AI and put their squad skills to the test across 4 enhanced multiplayer maps, fighting against enemy land, sea, and air forces. Working together to secure and hold a series of capture points in the quickest time possible.

What do you think “Sport”, or any of the others will be like? Let the community know in the comments section below.

  • Th3 Chronikk

    Wow great article. Yes this is from code that is publicly available i was just the 1st one to put it out there.


      Would you mind linking your se7ensin post to this article? Happy to spread the word. Keep up the great work.

  • Nox

    (Sorry for the long comment) I think DICE really should focus heavily on perfecting the main game modes like rush and obliteration before starting to put in new game modes.
    Tank Superiority and Gun Master should not be in BF4. Those game modes got really boring really fast although if DICE will allow full customization of loadouts in gun master then by all means.
    I would like to see Scavenger back though. I actually like the whole limited ammo theme it had, but what I would like them to do is add scattered attachments around a map like scopes, suppressors, laser sight, etc(though I would not know how you would put a heavy barrel in a gun)
    DICE has to fix the game to PERFECTION before they can even think of adding BF4 to eSports.
    Since Naval Strike is based around on Naval Combat, they need to implement Titan mode from BF2142 and use the Naval Carriers as the objectives.

  • Phobia256

    They should stick to 1 new game mode per DLC. BF3 suffered a lot from segmentation imo. SQD Rush and Combat Mission make hardly any sense with Defuse already in the game. Personal favorites are Tank Superiority and Titan mode. Though that implies they have to do TS right this time, in BF3 it was quite the failure.