See What Comes in Battlefield 4: Deluxe Edition

Battlefield-4-deluxe-editionAlong with the game, consumers will be getting, 1) A collectible steel book box 2) Bonus Dog Tags (in-game not wearable, sadly) 3) additional in-game content. The Battlefield 4 Deluxe Edition retails for $70, and is so far only listed for PC, PS3, andXbox 360. However, since the game is coming to next gen systems, we expect a PS4 and Xbox One version to be available as well.

ORIGIN-EXCLUSIVE DIGITAL DELUXE EDITION*: Pre-order now to receive a Battlefield 4™ China Rising Expansion Pack. Plus, get access to the exclusive Battlefield 4™ Beta and bonus in-game content.

Only in Battlefield™

Battlefield 4™ is the genre-defining action blockbuster made from moments that blur the line between game and glory. Fueled by the next-generation power and fidelity of Frostbite™ 3, Battlefield 4 provides a visceral, dramatic experience unlike any other.

Only in Battlefield can you demolish the buildings shielding your enemy. Only in Battlefield will you lead an assault from the back of a gun boat. Battlefield grants you the freedom to do more and be more while playing to your strengths and carving your own path to victory.

In addition to its hallmark multiplayer, Battlefield 4 features an intense, dramatic character-driven campaign that starts with the evacuation of American VIPs from Shanghai and follows your squad’s struggle to find its way home.

There is no comparison. Immerse yourself in the glorious chaos of all-out war, found only in Battlefield.

GM_BF4_DogTagsKey Features:

• Only in Battlefield can you change the landscape in real-time with interactive environments that react to your every move.

• Only in Battlefield will you find the awe-inspiring power of the next generation Frostbite™ 3 engine, with unrivaled audio and visual fidelity making your game more human, dramatic, and believable.

• Only in Battlefield can you experience an unmatched level of all-out war that grants you the freedom to play to your strengths and carve your own path to victory.

• Only in Battlefield do you have the power to dominate land, air and sea with all-new, intense water-based vehicular combat.