Sony Likely To Unveil PlayStation 4 On Feb. 20


Speculation mounts over next-gen console after Sony teases special Playstation event. According to invitations it sent out to the media on Thursday,  Sony is gearing up for a big announcement on February 20. Sony said that we’d “see the future” at the special February event, and the WSJ’s sources say it’s definitely going to be a next-gen console, debuted ahead of a similar evolution of Xbox from Microsoft. The console will actually make it to retail by the holidays in 2013, just in time to compete with Microsoft’s offering, which is also rumored for release around that time.

Sony has set up a website where you can sign up for more info.

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Update c/o Engadget: The Wall Street Journal has added more rumors to the mix, citing its always helpful “people familiar with the matter” who claim that not only will Sony debut its next gen console at the event, but that it will be released later this year. Additionally, it claims that Sony will integrate more social features into the console this time around (Home 2.0 anyone?), as well as changes in “how users interact with the machine.” Finally, it claims both Sony and Microsoft had considered diskless consoles this gen, but are keeping physical media in the mix for at least one more go-round. Of course, whatever the truth is, we’re just a few weeks away from finding out.