Spectator Mode: Battlefield Blog

Today DICE released another Battlefield Blog, with this weeks edition featuring the all-new Spectator Mode.


Spectator Mode was heavily requested after an absence in Battlefield 3, so it’s addition to BF4 is warmly received, especially by youtubers, film-makers and competitive gamers. Spectator requires you to join a game specifically in that spot, so you cannot switch from playing to spectating just like that.

“If spectating is enabled, there are four Spectator slots per server, and those four slots are excluded from the number of players the game mode allows. So on PC and next-gen consoles, you could have 64 players + 2 Commanders + 4 Spectators.”

There are several different views that you can have in the mode, such as tabletop (See above pic), First-Person and Third-Person, and there are also five “Free” cameras, basically shots that you can move around the battlefield so you can easily switch to important shots.

“We looked at having just one Freecam but quickly realized that it wouldn’t cover the entire Battlefield. So one criteria for making a great Spectator Mode for Battlefield 4 was to have several Freecams, since you need the ability to fly around and switch positions quickly.”

There are also features included to be able to turn off hud displays and layers, so that you can get a clean look at your shot, as well as the inability to clip through the ground and buildings, even in third person, so that it truly mimics the feel of a real camera.

Read the full blog post here, where they also discuss it’s  impact on competitive gaming, the challenges of color coding teams, and new features the developers are excited about.

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  • derkatwork

    So someone can watch a game and relay the info to the enemy like an invisible all seeing spy through Skype? Kinda don’t like that.