Speculation: Battlefield 4 Ranking System

Col100It’s a special time in the Battlefield world for me: I finally reached all gold!

After 432 hours on BF3 multiplayer, at an average score per minute of 940, I realized something: It takes a long to reach Colonel 100. Is it too long? Maybe not. After all, it keeps people playing the game longer on average.

This makes me wonder about the ranking system in BF4. There is no confirmation on what it will be like, or even if it will be similar to any previous Battlefield renditions. There were ranks shown in the recent Battlelog trailer, but they looked to be placeholders from BF3, and while they could be similar, it is unlikely that they will be the same.

In looking at the ranking systems from previous Battlefields, you have a lot of variation.The first I played was 2142, which you could rank up to Brigadier General, and it wasn’t particularly difficult to do so. 2142, of course, had the unique system of the three “Special ranks”: Major General, Lieutenant General, and Supreme Commander. I never got these, and I’m still not sure how you got them.

Then there is Bad Company 2, which was a simple 50 rank system, up to “General of the Army”. The thing with this is that it took a lot of time to get even one rank once you reached officer level. I think I stopped at rank 42 when BF3 came out, and I spent a lot of time with it.

I have also looked into the ranking system for BF2 a bit, and those had specific things that you had to do to reach certain levels. If I remember correctly, one of them required 1000 hours of playing time. It is no surprise they moved away from that system.

So what will BF4 look like? Similar to BF3, with Colonel being the highest rank? Bad Company 2, where you have less ranks, but more time on each? Or will they reintroduce specific goals to reach certain ranks a la Battlefield 2?

Of course, there are other aspects to the ranks, such as how many points each action in the game gives you, and the awards such as ribbons and medals. Also, will the newly revealed missions that you can play with your friends give you any sort of experience? Given all of this information and the fact that the scoring system seems to be the most similar to BF3 from footage we have seen so far, I will take a guess on ranks not being the same as BF3, but close to it.

Just another aspect of the game we will have to wait and see to learn about.

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  • Eric Free

    Very interesting article! I hope the leveling system is a mix between BF2 and BF3. Give us lots of levels (So less xp to the next level usually), but also after you hit a certain level, you start working on tasks and xp. You could level up to the top of lets say level 52, but can’t move on to 53 until you complete a small task, and ramp it up for every colonel level or whatever.

    The only other thing I noticed was about the Missions section. Yes, there is missions with friends but at the top left of the pic that’s floating around with the Missions on it, there is a community mission to get 500,000 dogtags in 48 hours. I don’t care how many friends you have, 500,000 is going to be a pain. I believe this would be something that the whole community (even non-friends) work together to finish…hopefully such a huge task rewards a decent amount of XP, dogtag, or something.