Staggering Amazon PS4 vs Xbox One results


After a Microsoft hadouken to it’s loyal fan base at E3 with their anti-consumer approach to their new console, it’s no surprise that according to an Amazon Facebook poll, next gen customers prefer the Playstation 4 almost 18 to 1. The Xbox One’s anti-consumer stance consists of restricted region launches, the inability to use an Xbox One outside of its designated region, blocks, DRM, Kinect and 24 hour mandatory check-ins, all of which are not present on the Playstation 4.

Which console do you plan on getting for Battlefield 4?

Xbox One: Pre-order price of $499.99 USD. Releasing in November 2013
PlayStation 4: Retail at $399 USD. Releasing “Holiday season 2013″

Xbox One: Features an 8-core x86 processor, 8GB memory, AMD Radeon, Blu-Ray
PlayStation 4: Features an 8-core x86-64 AMD Jaguar, 8GB memory, AMD Radeon GPU, Blu-Ray

Xbox One: No
PlayStation 4: No, but Sony has opted to explore making older titles available via emulation from the cloud.


  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    Titanfall and Halo is the only reason i’m even thinking about buying an Xbox One. Otherwise, PS4TW!!

    • Max

      I am at the same scenario! But don’t forget…. Are Microsoft relying a little too much on their games? As in, Yeah! It’s great that they are listening in to the community and copying SONY as to make it a [Games Console] but are they thinking only about these few games? They need to branch out further? Don’t you think?

  • BullShooter

    HAH! That’s hilarious. And what have we learned Microsoft?