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More Battlefield 4 content to come – 6th DLC?

rsz_bf4-road-ahead-1Battlefield hyped up a super special announcement for earlier today. It has finally been revealed, and the announcement is…they will announce something later! That’s right, they made an announcement that they will make an announcement.

All joking aside, what was actually announced is that there will be more Battlefield 4 content, specifically noting in the blog post that, “Final Stand is not the end.” Now, this leaves a lot of room for speculation, as “more content” could technically mean more double-XP weekends and free battlepacks. However, the reference to Final Stand, a survey about what classic Battlefield maps the player base enjoys (by the way, go vote), and hints from certain developers (namely, David Sirland, or @Tiggr_), this is intended to be a big thing meant to really please t...

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Battlefield 4 Classic Mode preset is here!

Classic Mode Server FilterOnce upon a time, we discussed what a “Classic Mode” might consist of and how the community might accept it should DICE create a server preset (like Normal and Hardcore) for this mode. Server admins have been able to set up their servers to operate with the “classic” settings, but they have been few and far between, and not always easy to find.

With the recent “Fall Patch” that implemented many things from the CTE, such as triage (revive timer), and improved HUD settings, DICE also added the Classic Mode preset. In a recent blog post about it, Battlefield explained what the preset is:

* No 3D spotting (no doritos, but you still have a minimap, and spotted enemies will show there).

* 100% health, but no regeneration.

* Squad leader spawn.

* Mag pool reloading (you lose the remaining ammo i...

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Final Stand reveal – play it early on the CTE

Final Stand

Today, Battlefield revealed the theme for the Final Stand DLC slated to release later this Fall. Final Stand will be the last (scheduled) DLC package of Battlefield 4 (there has been some speculation of a pack of re-imagined maps, but it has been no more than a rumor to date).

Final Stand will take place in snowy Russia, and the fiction involves scientists working on experimental weapons. One map is said to include a battle pick-up that will be a rail gun firing powerful bursts of kinetic energy. In the trailer released today, the map Operation Whiteout is shown to include the prototype hover tank. The Battlefield Blog post states that players will discover these prototype weapons and vehicles, which makes me wonder if the hover tank will be unlocked via capturing a point (expect that capt...

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Battlefield 4 CTE – Triage and other changes

triageDICE continues to implement changes to the Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment (CTE) in an effort to test potential improvements to the game. The most recent wave of changes offer some improvements that are sure to please a number of players should they make it to the official game build.

A significant UI change that many players have been clamoring for is called “triage”. With this, the revive icon is changed to include a progress circle (much like what you get when arming/disarming an MCOM. This progress meter indicates to you how much time is left before the player becomes unrevivable. This would allow a medic to know if they have enough time to charge the paddles, as well as prioritize numerous downed allies. This will be a very welcome improvement to the game.

The CTE is also tes...

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Battlefield 4 CTE vs. Battlefield: Hardline

More than likely, most readers here have already heard the rumors (it really was the worst kept secret) and seen the leaked videos of the upcoming title, Battlefield: Hardline. Because of the leak last week, EA and Visceral were forced to confirm the new Battlefield IP. More is to be revealed at E3 next week, and prominent YouTube personalities have been flown to Visceral studios and allowed to record gameplay. Uploads of this gameplay are allowed to begin June 9.

So, what is Battlefield: Hardline? Put basically, it is a game about cops and robbers. It is not entirely clear how it fits in the Battlefield franchise, but one can assume it is going to have the same core gameplay mechanics, destruction, Levolution, and combination of vehicle and infantry combat found in other BF titles...

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Gadget Guides – Launchers

In Battlefield 4, the Engineer class has a variety of launchers available for anti-vehicle purposes. Some of these launchers are extremely versatile, while others are extremely specialized, such as the anti-air launchers. There is also a lot of variety in ease of use, as some “smart launchers” lock or track targets automatically, while other “dumb launchers” require more skill in the prediction of target movement and projectile flight. The player starts BF4 with the most versatile and easy to use launcher and unlocks others as points are accumulated while using the Engineer class. This guide discusses those launchers in the order they are unlocked.

Launchers can be equipped in either of the Engineer’s gadget slots, though only one launcher can be equipped at a time, preventing players from...

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Naval Strike Maps Overhead Images Leaked – Analysis

Overhead images of the four new maps that will come with the Naval Strike DLC leaked recently and were first posted on the BattleRushGaming site. Be sure to visit BattleRush’s site for high-res versions of these images. These images depict vast expanses of water surrounding various sizes of island and other landmasses. Later, an Imgur link was shared within the community showing cropped versions of these map images believed to represent the playable area for infantry. Combining these images with Battlefield’s recent Q & A blog post on Naval Strike and the preview images we recently shared provides a lot of ammo for some exciting speculation. Before going further, I also want to credit a video by Kulprit008 on YouTube on the same subject, which provided ideas that added to and improved the...

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Gadget Guides – M26 MASS

The M26 MASS (Modular Accessory Shotgun System) is an under-barrel shotgun available to the Assault class at 18,000 points. The M26 MASS is initially loaded with standard 12-gauge buckshot ammo. Additional ammo types are unlocked as one progresses through the Assault class unlocks. Like with the M320, only one type of ammunition can be equipped in a loadout at any time. Similarly, a player can only equip either the M26 MASS or the M320, but not both. The M26 MASS uses a straight-pull bolt action and is somewhat slower firing than other shotguns.

The M26 MASS can be equipped as an under-barrel attachment, or as a standalone gadget. Equipping the MASS with the underslung rail will make switching between the primary weapon and the MASS a faster process...

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Gadget Guides – M320 Launcher

The M320 is a single-shot launcher available to the Assault class in Battlefield 4. This launcher can be equipped with various forms of ammunition, though only one is available in a player’s loadout at any given time. The M320 can be equipped as a standalone gadget, or it can be mounted to certain assault rifles using the underslung rail. When using as underslung, the M320 still uses one of the available gadget slots, but switching between the primary weapon and the M320 is faster than if it were equipped standalone. The underslung rail (UGL Rail) is equipped as an underbarrel attachment on ARs in place of special grips.

The M320 HE is the default version of the launcher, available to the player from the beginning of the Battlefield 4 multiplayer experience...

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