Video on Intervention sniper rifle and Sniper gameplay changes

A ten minute video recorded by Wintergore at Gamescon dives into some specific changes and features regarding sniper gameplay, and shows footage of the Intervention sniper rifle (SRR-61, for the official designation).

Here is some of the information that Winter goes into regarding gameplay:

Gameplay that Affects Snipers:

* Running Reduces Accuracy
* Scope Sway
* Reduced Suppression
* Quick Scoping and No Scoping Doesn’t work well, (really inaccurate).
* Weather Effects such as windy trees and bushes reveal your location a lot easier (when your the only thing not blowing around in the wind).

Movement that Affects Snipers:

* Vault Jumping (Pressing space mid vault will allow you to jump from the wall your vaulting parkour style (means that you can jump between buildings a lot easier and get the drop on enemies).
* Peeking over Cover (Not as useful for a sniper as you limit your mobility, suggest using with support).
* Prone very fast to avoid damage on island terrain, it’s often better then trying to run away “get your dicks in the dirt” as a BF3 soldier would say.

There is also the footage of the Sniper rifle and its attributes, and also discussion on carbines being available for recon class.

  • BullShooter

    lolwut? what goofball runs around with their rifle out? It should be common sense to be running around with your sidearm to give you a slight edge if you run across anybody.