What we have learned from Gamescom

Gamescom is now over, so it’s time to take a look back at all of the fantastic information that we have learned from the six days of live streaming footage from Germany, as well as from the feature videos that were shown.

It has been the biggest week for BF4 since E3, with 2 hours of livestream every day, a new map, new gamemodes, confirmation of BF4 premium and all 5 expansion packs, much more details of levolution being revealed, a mini-teaser for the China Rising DLC, and much more.

Here are just a handful of the things that have been shown this week. Be sure to check out all of our postings over the week for all of the info.

Most recently, we have a video from the livestream that shows footage of attack boats, field pickups, and does a great job of explaining the tiered reload system that has been discovered this week.

Yes, you can still jihad in BF4:

Hear the news? BF4 won 6 game awards at Gamescom. Read about it here!

There are a lot of knives in BF4. Take a look:

Here is a full obliteration match with commentary from Patrick Buch:

A write up on The New Obliteration Gamemode

The New Defuse Gamemode is teased.

The latest Battlefield Blog Post about Levolution with Thomas Andersson

The official reveal of BF4 Premium:

A video about all of the weapons and attachments.

BF4 Beta Launch Dates

And finally, the revealing trailer for Paracel Storm

There is still much more that was not covered in this post, as there is just too much. I hope this will help you keep track of the week!