Why is Battlefield 4 Second Assault released early Xbox One?


There has been quite a lot of chatter across the internet about why Second Assault, a new DLC for Battlefield 4 featuring four redesigned fan favorite BF3 maps, will be a timed exclusive only on the Xbox One. At this year’s E3 conference held in Los Angeles, DICE was invited to participate in Microsoft’s Xbox One presentation in which they showed off footage of Battlefield 4. At the end of the multiplayer trailer unveil, they announced a new DLC,  Second Assault, and that it would be released early for Xbox One owners.

In an interview with Japanese game publication 4Gamer, EA’s Patrick Soderlund explained why Second Assault will be made available to Xbox One customers first. Saying, “For the release of “Second Assault”, maintaining the cooperation with Microsoft is one of the reasons [it's released there first], but it’s also partly because the multiplayer of BF3 has been strongly supported by the Xbox community, and we’re showing gratitude for that support.

You can read more about Battlefield 4 and DLC’s on the Xbox One here: http://www.battlefield.com/battlefield-4/xbox-one

  • Spider K