Will Battlefield 4 Recon class be the new ‘Go-To-Class’? (Video)


As we all know now, the Recon class in Battlefield 4 is arguably the most overhauled. If you are not aware of why…..then where have you been? Time to catch up.

In this article/video I give reasons why I and many others may now see the Recon class as a viable option in CQB, Objective and vehicular maps.

In the right hands the Recon class in Battlefield 3 had potential to turn the tide. However now with all the new changes it seems as though the Recon class will be ridiculously powerful and will be able to hold itself up high against the other three classes.

In the video I talk about key points which has sealed my decision to devote more time to the Recon class which I did admittedly neglect a little in Battlefield 3.

Also to remain unbiased I have mentioned a point that might be seen as a negative and encourage a selfish play style

Positive Points include:

  • New Gadgets and access to carbines as well as the known ”all class” weapons.
  • Tugs, Motion sensor balls making it easy to spot enemies.
  • Can hold their own against vehicles
  • Other than the Support class it’s the only class to have a decent suppression affect on enemy players


And the Negative point:

  • Range finder (Gadget/Attachment) taking all skill out of the equation as it auto zeros the scope. making judging bullet drop a thing of the past. This will encourage those seeking the ultimate long distance headshots to go about their non team play ways.

Feel free to watch the video for more opinions and further discussions into the points above. Also pay attention to the gameplay as it shows just how powerful the Recon class can be in the right hands.



  • Arkalis

    I believe we need to take into account the game design itself. We can assume it is a carbon copy of BF3 but it probably won’t in terms of multiplayer class mechanics. We have alot of new options in terms of customization and gadgets like the personal med/ammo kits, and other unannounced stuff that will probably (and hopefully) put all the classes in a good level, like it should be, so you play on preference/necessity instead of what is the most powerful class…for example the Recon may have higher zoom optics but maybe the maps themselves don’t have such great line of sights and there is more visual cover.

    • PolyGame Ent

      The point is, even if that is the case with the maps. It won’t affect the reon as much anymore as the DMR, and Carbines are just as deadly as close range. It has potential to be a viable run and gun class set out now.

      • Joltthecoat

        With the addition of Carbines as all-kit weapons, it moves Recons out of simply ignoring the objective and camping on snipers, and it allows them to actually perform well in mobile, objective-based combat.

        Honestly, in BF3, one of the only ways to effectively play as a Recon on any map would pretty much depend on using sniper rifles. Operation firestorm sure doesn’t play well with PDWs or shotguns.

        The chances are, and we’ll have to see how this actually plays out, the addition of zeroing/range finders won’t draw much more attention to using sniper rifles. Sure, you’ll still have them and they’ll be annoying, if not more, but I really don’t see many people being drawn to that sorta playstyle.

        I’m excited, honestly, as carbines will make me have a genuine interest in playing Recon– it has the lowest service stars of any class for me in BF3– with only 4. All of my other classes have 10+, but I really can’t function depending on sniper rifles all the time. Sure, I’ve gotten 1000m+ headshots, but sitting around and waiting for a target just doesn’t feel as fun to me, even if it was easy.

        All of that said, Assault will likely remain my primary class, as nothing plays an objective better than being able to use a defibrillator to keep the front lines steady. Although, I’m growing interested in Support, with machine guns appearing to be genuinely useful and the XM-25 providing some interesting capabilities that the Support didn’t have in BF3.

  • Silverfin66

    I loved how the classes were in BF3, especially the assault class so I hope recon will be an pure sniper class only able to kill from long distance