Kinect and PlayStation Move in Battlefield 4?


Don’t hold your breath. Patrick Bach, DICE Executive Producer, stated in an interview with EDGE that “money has been thrown” at the studio to implement motion controls. Bach is opposed to any motion control calling it a gimmick. He states that adding motion controls does not make the game, Battlefield 4, better.

Bach is not opposed to innovation but seems like he would only implement it if it is done right and would benefit the experience. Not half-baked implementation for Bach.

Makes one wonder if this is the reason why there is no Wii U version planned. Do you think there will ever be a practical use of motion in first person shooters specifically?

  • pwaldock

    For anyone who got used to the ps move with killzone 3 this is disapointing. Accurate, intuitive aiming with an anologue stick is rubbish

    • Peter Waldock

      Too god damn right!!! I just don’t understand why people disagree! :(

  • Md Atif

    I recently tried my hands on MOVE (motion controller) in Killzone3 and I am amazed how much more fun it is then to use regular controllers that includes DS3, I guess Patrick Bach never really played Killzone3 using move + nav controllers, my advice to him is to take help of someone who is good with motion controller then see how amazing it is over DS3 gameplay.

    Killzone3 was my 1st shooting game with it and it is so amazing that I dont want to play with my DS3 controller, all it takes is little time, some adjustments and strength (in arms) to get use to it, but once you are then its so much more fun and manytimes better experience than DS3. For now I’ll hunt down every Move compatible shooting games that I can, sadly its not going to be Battlefield 3 for me.