Xbox One Exclusive Battlefield 4 DLC [UPDATE: Metro and Caspian?]

xbox one sideSpeaking in a Q&A with Edge Online, DICE producer Aleksander Grondal revealed that the Microsoft platform, the Xbox One, would be getting a series of exclusives in the form of “popular maps”.

“That’s something we’re doing as an Xbox One exclusive,” He went on to say, “There are a few maps we’ve picked, we’re doing some re-work on them, adding a BF4 flavor. So that’s exclusive DLC for Xbox One. Some of the old maps are really good. And especially going back to BC2, I would love to see more of the BC2 maps.”

I’m sure these are timed exclusives which the PS3 had the pleasure of during the BF3 life cycle.

This could be some well needed good news for angered Microsoft fans due to their announcements at E3 this year.

[Update] Per Reddit user Demize99, dubbed a “Core Gameplay Designer @ DICE”, Metro and Caspian are the front runners
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  • Nick Larsen

    Realy NOT cool Dice, now tons of hardcore Battlefield fans on PC/Playstation thinking wtf did we do? not our fault microsoft made a bad move on x-box one. you realy need to rethink this.
    Greetz from a big BF fan who would like to play old maps to.

    • WtfDice

      Really no idea why they’d do this.

      They’re not only gonna lose a ton of money from this in BF4, but they’ll probably lose money in their future games, and they’re losing fans as well. To top it all off, why they’d even add exclusives to get people to buy that shitty Xbox One in the first place is beyond me. The poll here is hilarious, about which console people are planning to play BF4 on. Obviously PC is the top system with 50%, and not surprisingly, PS4 is next at 31%. Then we’ve got Xbox One in third with a mere 8% as of posting this. Basically everyone’s going PC then the remainder will go PS4. Release the same content to everyone! If anything, give the Xbox One earlier dates for the content. As far as I know, there was no exclusive PS3 content for BF3, and I’m a Premium player on it that has been playing since the release of BF3. Furthermore, there was the whole Premium bullshit going on with BF3. Right after everyone gets to buy the first expansion pack, BOOM! Let’s drop out a cheaper deal for all the expansion packs AND more.

      Yeah, good going.

      I’m thinking of dropping all multi-platform mainstream games and switching to PC permanently. Stick with F2P games and games like ARMA, some nice high-quality games without cheap ass creators trying to rip money off of their customers.

      • Dstyli

        This will probably be a timed exclusive mate, let’s not panic just yet. It’s the same deals Sony PS3 had with BF3. Where we got DLC 1 – 2 weeks prior to the other platforms. Nothing to worry about :D

  • Cameron

    I really hope this is just a short-time based exclusive similar to what the PS3 had on BF3. If not, then this is some class A bullshit on EA’s part.

    • Dstyli

      An educated guess would suggest this is a timed exclusive just like BF3 had timed exclusive deals with Sony PS3

  • Branden Cusolle

    i will still not buy an xbox one even if some maps are exclusive to it. I am sure that it will be like ps3 gets it a week early. I dislike that system of releases, they really should just release it all at the same time.


      I personally will be playing Battlefield 4 on PC

      • Branden Cusolle

        Same here man, I am kinda done with the constant freezing of my ps3 and low player count. I only need my colonel 100 on ps3 and that is it for bf3 on that.

  • Jenny Tull

    Fuck the Kinectbox One , and everything else Microsoft makes.