More Youtuber Videos Reveal Battlefield 4 Details

In light of EA’s recent invitation for popular youtubers to attend an LA event and test out the latest build of BF4, we have understandably seen a lot of recorded footage come out of it. There has already been a post about all of the assault rifles in the latest build from LevelCap, but more have come out in the last week, so here they are:

First, we have a video from Daskro going through all of the available anti-vehicle rockets in the game, along with the battle pickup item. He does a very good job of explaining the pros and cons of each, along with video examples of their effectiveness:

We also have three more videos, from LevelCap, showing off the PDWs, attack boat game play, and the LMGs…

Keep your eyes open for more videos. Also, 18 days until the beta starts up.

Also, we already have a montage. JackFrags has compiled all of his Gamescon footage into this cool video:



  • mus1CKFps

    This game is an orgasm in itself lol, & i loved jackfrags montage