Reviewing The Best CS:Go Server Hosting Websites


Just in case you are searching for a game server hosting company that offers low prices with tonnes of values, then Nodecraft might be just for you. Overall, Nodecraft provides ease of use for beginners to get familiar with the functionalities of the control panel, and they also have excellent customer support ready to answer any questions or doubts that might be lingering in your mind. Apart from that, Nodecraft can be considered as a unique game server hosting company as unlike other hosting companies that charge their customer based on the number of slots that they need, Nodecraft offer fixed options that provides an unlimited number of slots. The price depends on the number of instances for each game. A unique bot will be assigned to every package offered and what it would do is that it would help you to automate some of the processes of hosting your server so that you can focus on your game instead. This will also help to make your server way more flexible as you no longer need to think about the number of players at any point in time.


  • Very easy to use for beginners and advanced gamers
  • Services offered at affordable prices
  • Enjoy unlimited slots for any game that you want
  • Bots help to speed up the server hosting process
  • DDoS protection included in every package
  • The mobile control panel helps to make everything easier


  • Certain mods may need more RAM.

Nitrous Networks

Nitrous Networks provides one of the top quality game server hosting services at such a competitive price, and it is another ideal choice for playing CS: GO with your friends. Also, here an article of best cs go server hosting websites that you can check out too. Even though Nitrous Networks don’t provide as many server locations as other game server hosting companies, they still provide some interesting features that are easy to use. Besides that, they also provide 5-Star customer support, so you could quickly request a refund for your purchase or report a technical problem if you happen to encounter one.

Next, one of the most interesting things about Nitrous Networks is that the game servers provided utilize the fastest and latest SSD technology to ensure that the level of performance of the servers remains high at all times. On top of that, their network also consists of top-notch T1 providers and network hardware to make sure that the gamers would have a smooth connection throughout their gaming sessions. Apart from that, all of the servers hosted are protected at all times from any DDoS attacks, so you don’t have to worry about getting your gaming sessions interrupted at any point in time. You may also enjoy the instant setup of your server, as it takes less than a minute to get your server up and running once you have successfully made your payment on the platform.


  • Services are offered at competitive prices
  • The user interface of the control panel is simple and straightforward
  • 5-Star customer service provided for every customer
  • Utilizes the fastest and most recent SSD technology for smooth gaming sessions
  • High-quality network hardware
  • DDoS Protection for everyone
  • Instant server setup


  • Server locations provided are quite limited.